Deliveries of wood products and semiproducts are provided completely with a complete service, from designing to production and processing, treatment and assembly, up to a delivery by our own transport.


Packing and vacuuming into Al foil

Packing of the products is provided on the basis of the customer’s requirements, either by delivering the drawing documents of the required wooden packaging, wooden case, wooden container, wooden support-stand or another wooden product. Possibly, the proposal for packing may be delivered as our own drawing document, together with the suggested technology. the If it is a customer’s wish, the product may be packed into PE cover or vacuum into AL foil, with delivery of dessicating tablets. For smaller cases, the delivery is usually in the form of complete package or wooden product, when a customer does the bedding of a machine, tools, or anything else on their own, based on their need, or we pack it as a complete delivery, including packing the customer’s product, possibly by the customer’s product vacuuming.

For big overseas packagings, wooden overseas casees or wooden overseas containers, packing is usually done at the customer’s location, when the completion is done on the basis of actual needs and actual time requirements.

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Design of packaging

If a customer does not deliver their own drawing documentation, for the required wooden product, then the design is done by our design department. The drawing documentation contains a technology type of packing and treament. Overseas wooden packaging and overseas wooden containers are designed according to the final specification and destination of the dispatched product (a machine, equipment, generator, shaft, pallet, etc.).

Procedure of designing and production of a wooden packaging and case:

1. On the basis of the delivered drawing documentation from the customer, with specification of all requirements and norms, possibly of the final product destination (overseas case, overseas packaging).

2. By sending the drawing documentation for the product (including technical specification) which is to be packed and then dispatched, either inland or overseas. In such case, our company designs a suitable wooden packaging, wooden case, etc. Such a packaging is designed in the way of our own drawing documentation with a specified type of technology of packaging and treatment.

3. The customer’s option is, as well, passing the technical specification of the packed product, and the packaging is designed by our designer, after a professional examination of the machine, equipment, or production line, which is to be dispatched.

Design of packaging - DM Dřevovýroba MF


A delivery of wooden pallets, wooden casees, overses wooden packagings, wooden support stands, wooden containers, building timber, roof trusses, lath battens, hardwood timber, railway timber sleepers, splitted and fuel wood, and other products, is provided by our own transport, or as a collection by the customer directly in our production premises. Based on the technical possibilities of the oversize shipment, wooden overseas packagings and other products are delivered as completed, or they are delivered to the customer in components, and packing and completion is done directly at the customer’s.

Shipment - DM Dřevovýroba MF Shipment - DM Dřevovýroba MF
Shipment - DM Dřevovýroba MF

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