On the basis of an order, we may deliver softwood or hardwodtimber of required measurements, from boards, floor coverings, lath battens, to planks and prisms. Supplies are usually provided in the volume of m3, but for long-term customers a smaller amount is accepted as well. We provide supplies of prisms, roof trusses, building timber, constructional timber, dressed timber, etc. If required, then treated and dried.

Building Timber

We provide supplies of

If required, treated and dried.
Timber - DM Dřevovýroba MF Timber - DM Dřevovýroba MF

Hardwood Timber

We deliver hardwood timber, according to the customer’s requirements, slabbed or non-slabbed, dried or raw, in measurements according to the agreement.

Hardwood Timber - DM Dřevovýroba MF

Special wood and timber

We provide supplies of:

  • fuel wood
  • bulk wood material
  • hardwood for fireplace
  • wooden stockade
  • board materials
    • particleboard
    • plywood
    • fibreboard
    • ASS boards
    • fireproof materials
    • and others
DM Dřevovýroba MF


Other products and services we offer:


Other products of the company DM Dřevovýroba MF


Services we offer

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