History of the firm

Logo DM Dřevovýroba MF

The company DM Dřevovýroba MF, a.s. inc. (stock comp.), was established in 2000 as the inc./stock company, with its own production premises. First the production was based on export, and on production of pallets, e.g. for building and chemical companies, later on production of smaller cases, mainly for car-industry, e.g. BMW and VW. Also, we sold building timber and provided joiner’s products, rather of the building use. Another sort was export of hardwood as well as softwood, fuel plus splitted one. Most of products are dispatched by our own transport.

In 2003 the company focused on the specialized production of wooden cases, wooden support-stands, wooden containers and overseas wooden containers, gradually implemented. Gradually the production was improved by investments into the production technology upgrading. On a long-term basis we cooperate with chosen reliable suppliers, who ensure the quality supplies in a relevant amount. Thus a fluent production and product distribution is ensured. Nowadays there is no problem to design, produce, pack and complete anything or anywhere into wooden packagings, support-stands, or cases, regardless of the volume of the packed product, semi-finished product or technology equipment.


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